Coral Inn

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Coral Inn is an Inn on the pier at the beach.

Area The Beach
Residents Suki, Alice, Valentina, Macy, Eva

The Inn

On the weekend, the Inn can be lively, there are islanders that visit and relax in their lobby. They are often spotted just reading their weekends away, slouching on a big comfy chair next to an open window, listening to the sound of waves.

There are a couple of benches in front of the inn, and inside there is a receptionist area with a computer and no seat behind it. In the lobby area, there is a “living room” with a couple of sewing machines, no TV, bookshelves filled with alien/ farming books and a seating area.

In the lobby, there is an open area where Suki places her sewing machine and some of Alice’s books. There is a comfy seating area on the other side of the reception desk. This reception desk is where Alice manages the Inn’s social media presence and handles bookings.

The inn has 10 bedrooms and 5 of them are occupied by the residents. In each Inn room, the ones that guests stay in, there are furniture and some knick-knacks. There may be some tables where one can work or play video games.

Though it is large in size, the inn only has 1 kitchen that has a big/open dining area in it. Its kitchen is communal, which means that everyone is welcomed to use. In this same kitchen, Suki, the Inn manager, often holds dinner parties where she cooks extra and invites all occupants/guests to dine together.

The Residents

Suki, Alice and Valentina live on a separate wing of the Inn. This separate wing feels more like a home than an Inn. It is commonly built for the innkeepers to provide a sense of home. This separate wing has its own living room but no kitchen. One will need to go to the communal kitchen to cook.