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The community center is a building with open floor plan where town activities are usually held. Yoga classes by Suki and “meeting” by Theo and Jack are done in the community center. On the bulletin board outside of the Community Center, is placed a calendar with people’s birthdays and town events. There is also some help board with mostly donation request from Mayor Connor.

Community Garden

Community Center has a garden that has been left unattended for a long time.

Once the garden is fixed up, there will be 1 empty plant bed for players to plant seasonal crops. The other plant beds should always be full of seasonal plants. Islanders can be spotted at the community garden after it is fixed, gardening around and or chatting amongst themselves.

When players plant on the community garden, players will not need to water or care for the crops. Once the seeds are planted, it will be assumed that other islanders (the community) will water and take care of them. Players will be able to harvest them, however, once the plants are fully grown. But this only applies to the plants that players plant.


There is one room that is separated by a glass wall and a door, which is the laboratory. It is currently run by town’s only marine biologist, Ling. It is also the place where Surya does his research. The town’s laboratory is open Sunday-Friday and is closed on Saturdays.

In later years, once the coral reefs around the island are somewhat restored, more scientists will join Ling in her research.

The player can come to Ling with bottled kelps to upgrade their seeds/feeds. Player can also purchase various items from the cash register.