Beach Shack

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Beach Shack is a two-story small building made with plain carpentry, painted wild and colourful. Though ugly, its surprisingly sturdy, Beach Shack is open almost every day and run by local fishermen Jim and Sunny. Beach shack is decked out with posters of their favourite rock band from the 60s. You can purchase fishing/diving equipment here along with some seafood meals.

On the second floor, Sunny and his son, Oliver, reside. It may look small from the outside but it can actually house a family comfortably. The second floor’s wall is adorned with family pictures. The overall vibe is feminine and dusty. There are two bedrooms, one small kitchen, and a TV.

Beach Shack opens every day from 9 AM to 5 PM except Tuesdays.

Items for sale

The player can purchase the following items from Beach Shack.

Fishing rod
Fish taco