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Artifacts are ancient items that can be found through various means. Artifacts can be turned in to the museum to complete their collection. Some artifacts can also be used for quests and various tasks.

Players can obtain artifacts by doing the following:

  • Break items on the mine
  • Dig on various places on the island
  • Complete special quests

List of Artifacts (TBD)

Image Name Description Sell Price
  Silver Spoon This used to be shiny  
  Silver Fork Generic fork with odd symbols on it  
  Oversized Spoon Spoon of the giants from ancient times  
  Small Figurine A mysterious figurine  
  Ship's Wheel Could have been a pirate's  
  Rusty Anchor A very heavy metal anchor with symbols carved on it  
  Snow globe A miniature model of a small town. It looks like Starlet Town but with only 3 buildings in it  
  Hammerstone One of the oldest and simplest tool  
  Stone hand axe A prehistoric stone tool  
  Harpoon An archaic fishing tool  
  Rusty spear The edge is dull and rusty  
  Terracotta Soldier One of many created as a protector of the afterlife  
  Underwater scroll Are those giants?  
  Green Mask Coral Island's natives used to wear this for hunting  
  Red Mask Ancient rulers of the island used to wear this  
  Blue Mask Coral Island's natives used to wear this  
  Prehistoric Bowl Where the ancestors used to put offerings for the giants  
  Ancient Map It has a missing piece  
  Stone Portrait An artistic take on someone  
  Bronze Hammer It’s very heavy  
  Ruby Hairpin A symbol of royalty  
  Sky Disk Prehistoric portrayal of the sky  
  Clay Vessel A bit chipped but seems to be fully functional  
  Ancient Battery A clay case with an iron rod in it  
  Golden Bell A tool used for herding royal cows  
  Optical Glass Prism Must have been brought here by traveling merchants  
  Leather Parchment The symbols match Coral Island's ruins  
  Wood Carving I've seen this carving somewhere before  
  Shadow Puppet "Wayang" is written on the bottom  
  Golden Keris Rumours have it that the owner of this dagger never really left  
  Ceramic Vase The flowers are hand-painted  
  Chipped Pottery Jug It was used for food and water container  
  Ancient Compass An early proof of traveling merchants or perhaps, pirates  
  Wooden Handheld Fan A lost property of an ancient royal  
  Bronze Statue A symbol of wealth  
  Chipped Helmet This has gone through combats  
  Unfinished Clay Statue May have been used for a ritual in the past  
  Beaded Necklace Each bead has its own meaning  
  A metal boot
Appropriate for battles